Wet Palms - Episode 1

Wet Palms - Episode 1
(Gabriel Knight)

37 minutes
 + Extras!

Jet Set

Directed by:
Matthew Moore
Wet Palms - the series
Wet Palms, gay porn's first hardcore soap opera,
takes place at the legendary resort of the same name.
Gay sex has never been so engaging!
Wet Palms

Wet Palms - Episode 1 scene
(Jason Ridge, Ethan Marc)
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Who Is Lucky Hanson?

A mysterious drifter named Lucky Hanson arrives at Wet Palms with a duffle bag and an old photo, desperate for clues about his past. Lucky's resemblance to a former resident puts everyone on edge. Manager Brady Littleton has his suspicions and does some searching of his own. With his boyfriend at work, Peter Dune is confronted with some skeletons from his past courtesy of conniving Todd Marlowe. A call to the West Hollywood Police Department uncovers some startling information on Wet Palms' newest guest.

Starring: Rod Barry, Brad Benton, Cody Cash, Gabriel Knight, Ethan Marc, Jason Ridge, Rob Romoni, Jason Sechrest (as himself), Michael Soldier, Bret Wolfe, more!

DVD Features include Episode summary; Coming Up Next; Jump to Sex Scenes; Auditions; Original Broadcast trailer; Character Profiles; and Interviews.

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