Manplay 17

Manplay 17 cover
Manplay 17 rear cover

120 minutes

Titan Media MP-017

Starring: Alex, Brett, Brunno, Cory, Enrique, Jacob Slader, Jude, Pete, Scott

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From the press notes, courtesy of Titan Media:

You know the drill: real men, real hot, real sex, but in Manplay (MP 017), the chemistry is more explosive than ever between the nine lucky studs chosen to play at this videotaped fuck party. These guys are so busy fucking and sucking they barely have time to breathe!

The action starts with a group of four breaking the ice, getting to know each other's cocks. Dick-starved studs Scott and Brett trade blow-jobs, while taut, young Asian sex-pig Cory sucks off gruff, tattooed daddy-in-training Jacob. While shaggy-haired Euro-slut Brunno joins Scott and Brett's suck-fest, Jacob, whose smooth, slender back is covered in elaborate tattoos, primes Cory's eager hole with a generous tongue bath, spreading him open wide and diving in face first.

Within no time, Cory's on his back groaning while Brunno and Jacob make him air tight (plugging him with their cocks from both ends), but Jacob's long, ample cock and jack-hammer thrusts are no match for Cory's cavernous, maneating hole.

Young blonde stud Pete, along with scruffy Latino pup Jude, decide they want in on the action, too. Pete bends over, exposing his smooth, puckered asshole and pierced guiche to Jude, who wastes no time licking it into a lather. Pete may have a baby face, but you'll soon see heís got a real nasty side. After some more power-sucking, Jude finally gives up his bubble butt to Brett, who starts out plowing Jude slowly with his beer-can-thick-cock, but quickly gets up to speed, showing no mercy to Judeís quivering, pliable ass.

While Pete proves to be one of the most skilled cocksuckers in the bunch, effortlessly swallowing Brunno's and Brett's massive cocks, he's all too eager to be the next bottom to give up his gaping hole to the randy group of horse-hung tops crowding around him. But it seems Pete simply canít get enough cock crammed down his throat, for when clean-shaven, dirty-minded Alex drops by the party with sexy, sultry Enrique, no sooner do they get their monster meat rock hard than Pete's swallowing and impaling himself on both of them.

And that's just the first hour! After ninety-plus minutes of non-stop, sweaty, pile-driving action - and countless cum shots - you won't know what hit you, but youíll feel soooo good. Manplay (MP 017) is another amazing sex party that will leave your remote sticky, your hand sore and your nuts completely drained. Donít miss it!

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