BFF:  Bound, Flogged, Fisted

BFF:  Bound, Flogged, Fisted cover

BFF:  Bound, Flogged, Fisted rear cover

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90 minutes

TitanMen Rough / Titan Media

Controversial Content: Fisting, Dildos, W/S

Directed by Tony Buff & Paul Wilde

Starring: Tony Buff, Cullen Cable, Spencer Reed, Adam Russo, Tibor Wolfe

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A warning from the producers: This film portrays realistic and authentic BDSM and fetish sex. These are not actors, but experienced BDSM players doing what they love to do. This is hardcore extreme sex at its most raw and most realistic, and should be viewed only by those that can handle it.

Synopsis from Titan Media:

Are you ready to take it to the next level? Let Titan show you the ropes in this entry of its groundbreaking Rough series, "BFF: Bound Flogged Fisted" -- brought to you by the demented minds of co-directors Tony Buff and Paul Wilde. Piss play, punch fisting, skin clamping and mind-altering flogging are just some of the dominating deeds on display in this frenzied entry led by Buff and Tibor Wolfe, who show why the studio is First in Fetish.

Tattooed and hairy Tibor Wolfe towers over shaved-headed Adam Russo, the two sharing a kiss. As Tibor drops to his knees, Adam grips his own balls to feed him -- his red sack soon slick. "Want my fuckin' piss?" asks Adam before unleashing a heavy stream onto the stud, whose mouth and chest get drenched. Adam licks Tibor's face, kisses him and spits into his mouth, then drops to feast on his big boner. Adam lightly smacks Tibor's balls with his hand, then turns him around to eat and finger his hole. Soon in a sling, Tibor's balls and hole get more abuse. Adam punches Tibor's pecs, twists his nips and spits into his mouth before sliding his stiff cock inside -- continuing to punch the bottom's chest as he plows him during an increasingly fast fuck, his own balls bouncing below.

Giant dildos soon stretch Tibor's hole even more, the bottom swinging on and off the thick tools after Adam punches them deep inside. With Tibor's hairy hole still puckering, Adam lubes up his forearms and takes turns sliding his arms inside, soon fist fucking the begging bottom ("Fuckin' punch my hole!"). After getting Tibor to slide onto another big dildo, Adam fucks him again as thick strands of lube connect their bods. The final glorious shot captures Adam stroking, his defined body shining with sweat and lube as he shoots. He hits Tibor's balls with his load, bending down for a final kiss to end the intense action.
In his camouflage shorts, a shirtless Spencer Reed beckons over jock-strapped Cullen Cable. The stud plants his head on Spencer's bulging shorts -- and soon finds himself worshipping the muscle man's thick throbber. The cock-hungry pig gets to work, deep-throating Spencer with ease as he looks up at the alpha male, gasping for air in between thrusts. Spencer whips his dick on Cullen's face before fucking it again, spit strands dangling from his cock. Spencer spits into Cullen's mouth and the hungry fucker pounces on his shaft again, barely having time to breathe. Now standing with his back to Spencer, Cullen gets his hands tightly tied to a Saint Andrew's Cross.

With his uncut and pierced juicy boner pulsing underneath, Cullen gets a long and intense flogging session that he takes like a man. Jacking his own big boner, Spencer uses a few floggers to bring the sub to the brink as yells fill the air. As his own muscles get sweatier, Spencer whips Cullen's tight back and ass -- which grow increasingly red. "C'mon boy, maintain yourself!" says Spencer as Cullen grits his teeth and grimaces, his face telling the story in revealing close-ups that take us inside his cathartic journey. Their deep connection intensifies as Spencer kisses his captive again before getting back to work, finally untying him before Round 2.

A shirtless and smiling Tony Buff stands ready with rope as Spencer brings Cullen to him. "You worked him over pretty good," says Tony, who proceeds to tie the captive up from behind in a tight grip, the knots soon hanging from a suspension ring. As a rock-hard Spencer watches, Tony ties up Cullen's left leg and also connects it to the ring, rendering the sub practically immobile as he's left to balance on his right leg. With a vulnerable body to play with, the twisted duo attach ten heavy clamps to the stud's tight flesh: four on his chest, four on his stomach and one on each of his big biceps. The two pinch his flesh, pat his chest and flick the clamps, his body a playground for their abuse.

Tony takes out his huge cock and strokes it, then eats and fingers Cullen's hole before pinching his pec flesh some more, eliciting a "Yes sir!" from his captive after whispering to him. The two remove the clamps to reveal red welts all over Cullen's body -- which they proceed to finger, causing him to unleash more verbal anguish. Tony offers his own forearm for temporary relief ("Bite hard!") before Spencer fucks the bottom. Veins burst from Cullen's forehead, neck and shoulders as he grunts and groans. His other leg finally free, he's turned around and rammed by Tony. Spencer spreads the bottom's cheeks with his man hands, opening the hole up for Tony. The two tops then coat Cullen's cheeks with cum as their own sweaty bodies shine on camera, the defined line between Spencer's giant pecs shimmering on screen.

DVD Features: Digitally mastered; Interactive Menus; Chapter selection; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen format; English Dolby Digital 2.0; Studio contact and website information; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

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