Champs and Tropical Heatwave

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80 minutes/80 minutes

2 movies on one DVD!

Kristen Bjorn Video

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Francois Casier, Alexei Okatov, Braulio Duarte, Lamartim Ribeiro, Zw Carlos Rego, Claudio Matos, Reinaldo Madeiros, Pietro Martinelli

More absolutely stunning solo work from director Bjorn. Here, he captures more Brazilian gods - including a few actual South American champion bodybuilders (!!!) - in all their "massive" glory. Shot on location, the photography captures not only the terrain, but every drool-inducing inch of these men.

Featuring Bjorn's now-trademark style of getting guys to spill their loads with the "no hands" approach, this flick helped raise the standard of the "solo" tape.

Tropical Heatwave:

Roberto Amedia, Sylvio Braga, Luciano Perreira, Fabricio Silveira, Amando Santos, Danilo Cardoso

Six of the hottest, most sculpted guys in Rio pleasure themselves and you, in this debut - and still amazing - work from director Bjorn, his first "solo j/o" feature.

Thick, uncut supershooters, who have perfected the "look ma, no hands" approach to cumming are on display here for your viewing (and rubbing) pleasure. A no-nonsense, no bullshit approach to filming sex to be sure, but let's face it: even Bjorn's solo work is infinitely better than a lot of what's coming out of the States these days. All in all a great title that doesn't feel "dated" one bit.

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