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158 minutes

Treasure Island Media

Directed by Paul Morris

Starring: Caedon Chase, Dan Fisk, Dylan, Jake Parker, Jerry Stearns, Spit

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Director's Notes from Paul Morris:

"DRUNK ON CUM 3" is our absolute mouth-wide-open, cum-eating, swallow-that-load-down Spooge-a-palooza guaranteed to top anything you've seen! This one has everything from total oral cumwhores sucking off any and every cock dangled in front of them, to newbie cum-swallowers slurpin' a fresh hot load down their gullets.

Determined to out-do the jizz-hammering exploits of "D.O.C." Part 1 and Part 2, we sent out a call to the most cum-deranged cocksuckers and had a spooge-loving "contest". The prize for the winner? A cum-guzzling party, a cock-sucking, belly-filling cum-feast.

Scene 1 - Caedon Chase - The Snowball King: A lot of you guys asked for more of Caedon Chase after seeing the now-notorious "Roughfucking the Prettyboy" scene from "BREEDING SEASON". Well, he actually got on his knees and begged me (and yeah... maybe a little more) to get a shot at the cum-eating contest. Here's a young 'un who knows how to swallow a load or twenty!

Caedon calls himself "The Snowball King". After you see this first scene, you'll know why. We teamed him up with Allen Adams, one of our resident cum-fanatics... and the two of them look like they're making sperm taffy, with huge gooey wads of manjuice drooling back and forth, mouth to mouth.

You have NEVER seen snowballing like this. And if a glob falls on the floor, Caedon and his team make sure it gets sucked or licked right up.

Scene 2 - Dylan's Tryout Cum-Guzzling Party: Next up is the infamous Dylan, who you'll remember from the balls-out gangbang in "BREEDING SEASON". This is a cumslut without limits. "If I could just be a hole for cock, a big tube that just sucked cum in at both ends, I'd be the happiest man on Earth." To satisfy a man with that kind of cock-love, you have to go the extra step. So for his cum-junkie oral audition, we pulled together a major cum-soaked jizz-guzzling party.

And after all the men were drained and spent, Dylan's passion for the juice - his wild-eyed love for cock, men, semen - gave him a hairs-breadth lead over Caedon in getting the Big Prize: an afternoon of even more cock-jelly for his cumwhore belly!

Scene 3 - Dan Fisk and Jeremy Oliver: "D.O.C. 3" also has two scenes where a single hungry cocksucker was focused on just one, single, big fat cock. First up was Jeremy Oliver, who sucked off our in-house stud Dan Fisk. And when you're sucking a cock as fine and hefty as Dan's, how can you go wrong? After Dan shoots a big load down the cocksucker's throat, Jeremy stands up and shoots his own load on Dan's bigger dick - then hungrily licks his goo off the still-throbbin' bone.

Scene 4 - Jerry Stearns' Surprise: A hot anonymous cocksucker came to me and pleaded for a chance to be in one of my videos. I decided to blindfold him and have him suck off anything that got shoved down his prettyboy gullet. I put together a truly varied stable of studs, brought in the blindfolded cocksucker, and let him go at it. What I didn't plan on was that Treasure Island exclusive, horse-hung Jerry Stearns, would like the cocksucker so much that he shoved his massive cock gut-deep and guided the guy around the room like a helpless puppet on the end of his giant cock!

Scene 5 - Dan Fisk and Brad Davis: Brad Davis walked into my office while I was watching the raw footage of Jeremy Oliver sucking off Dan Fisk. Total cock-addict that he is, Brad just couldn't stand not getting a turn swinging on Fisk's big, perfect cock. Since I'm always happy to satisfy a man's dreams, I got the two men together. Now, when Brad sucks cock, he doesn't just suck - he worships! When Fisk blows his thick generous load onto Brad's tongue and down his throat, Brad squirts his own juice and (being the happy jizz-junkie he is) licks up every drop.

Scene 6 - Dylan's Huge Cum-Guzzling Party: The grand finale of "D.O.C. 3" is without doubt the greatest all-oral cum-swilling orgy of any video, ever. Surrounded by a room cock-full of studs all waiting to get serviced, Dylan is beside himself with lust. There was so much cock, so much cum, that he needed an assistant! "Spit", a sexy wild-man slut-daddy, helps make sure not a drop of man-juice gets wasted or lost on the way to Dylan's belly.

By the close of this Ritualistic Cock-driven blowout, Dylan isn't just "Drunk on Cum". He's lost in that Insane and Wild-eyed state of mind where Cocklust and Sperm-hunger are absolute. Dylan called me a few days after the cumfilled bash to happily report that it had taken him two full days to come down from the pure protein high!

DVD Extras - Bonus Scenes and Special Features: I've included four complete Bonus Scenes and a variety of special features, including interviews with both Dylan (ever wonder how a cum-whore got where he is today?) and Spit, all as part of the "D.O.C. 3" Extras. Plus a spectacular cum-shot compilation and much, much more.

We've never made a richer, more over-the-top, pure cocksucking and cum-guzzling video. And if you know my work, you know that's saying a lot. I'll place bets that "D.O.C. 3" will be an instant legend, nearly impossible to beat - even by us!

"DRUNK ON CUM 3" is all about that select breed of men: those with a limitless passion for filling their bellies to the brim with hot, fresh seed. It's a total winner, guaranteed.   - Paul Morris

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

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