Inch By Inch

Inch By Inch cover

Inch By Inch rear cover

64 minutes

Huge / Falcon Studios MSC-04

Directed by Matt Sterling

Starring: Jeff Quinn, Doug Jensen, Tom Brock, Mark Miller, Jim Pulver, Mike Raymond, Steve Wright, Tony Stefano, Steve Henson, Toby Matson (aka Mike Vincent), Christopher Lance, Kevin Luken, Bill Joseph

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Winner: Adam Film World Gay Movie of the Year - 1986

Review by Keeneye Reeves:

A quite surprisingly effective mid-80s flick from the director's pre- "let's-raid-Hungary-of-all-of-its-gorgeous-boys" days (as he was currently doing in the late 90s), "Inch By Inch" is hot 'n sleazy pre-condom fun that's worth seeing twice.

Stefano returns home from a refreshing jog to find the delicious Steve Henson hiding under his bed. Seems Steve has an underwear fetish, and thinks snatching them is ok. Guess again Steve-a-reeno. It seems that Stefano isn't amused, and takes his aggressions out on him. Yummy, that's all I can say about their pairing.

We're also treated to a nice group fuck, some outdoor soloing, group suck 'n fucks, and the above-mentioned underwear storyline rears its, uh, "head" from time to time.

Figure a "B-" storyline, "B+" cumshots and cockshots, a "C" for the short running time and hokey ending, but a strong "A" for the sex itself. Definitely worth seeing.

Jeff Quinn
(Jeff Quinn)

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