Gonzo Gay - The Movie

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116 minutes

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Directed by Demian Dvorak

Starring: Stefy, Nico Blade, Sly, Tony, Tim Brenson, Roberto, Matt, Ross Gonzales, Santos, Neiff, Bob Crane, Brain

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From the press notes:

There's not another rush one can think of that even comes close. There you are, getting hot, about to come, and actually shooting yourself doing it! You're the whole machine man! Self-contained. All that sex, all that energy... Endlessly cycling through you, until you just explode!

Director's Comments:

"What you don't see in other gay releases, you will see here," Demien promises of GonzoGay - The Movie. "There's no reason gay can't be, well... different."

"GonzoGay," he explained, "features the actors filming themselves - and their partners - having sex. Not a new concept, but seldom seen where all the actors participate."

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