Southern California Surfers, film 1

Southern California Surfers, film 1 cover

Southern California Surfers, film 1 rear cover

100 minutes

The Body Shoppe

Directed by Don Ross (& Brandon)

Starring: Shane, Alex, Jim, Rick, Skylar, Mark, Jose, Caz

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Synopsis: Don Ross, our favorite lecherous hawk, taps one of our faves: young, hung, straight, amateur surfer dudes! Cool.

Review by Flapjax:

Don Ross and his uncredited cronies have rustled up yet another load - pun intended - of young rented amateurs to jerk off for his camera.

First up is Shane, a "professional surfer" who, it should be noted, doesn't get paid to surf. Anyone see an incongruity with that label? To Don's credit, Shane is at least young, hung and hot, and assuredly paid for that.

After a few waves on the beach, Don and an offscreen cronie (who affects a semi-Don lecherous intonation) retreat home with the lad, who is soon watching a hetero porn and mauling himself. It turns out the boy not only catches waves but stirs up his own too! Waves of cum (or "nut", as Don and mini-Don are wont to coin).

Alex and Jim are next on the bill, a pair of surfer jerk-off buddies (loose usage of the word here, as the giggling straight rascals don't touch each other whatsoever). Jim's a cute boyish lifeguard, while Alex, a dark-haired hottie with intense eyes. Handed a skin mag, the boys hit the bathtub and the bed. Don asks to touch one of the guy's cum-dripping dicks, but his request and advance is rejected, so un-game are these two (or is it wise?).

Rick, a beefy 20-year-old, follows. He's an, ahem, professional surfer as well. Rick's a bit of a dribbler cum-wise, although that doesn't stop him from being proud as a spread-feathered peacock about his unspectacular cumshot.

Skylar, Mark and Jose are "surfers out of control." What does out of control entail? Sex, which Jose looks complete ambivalent about, particularly as Skylar and Mark go down on his huge Latin dong.

Finally, Don regular Caz (a cute but irritating little Native American straight boy) jerks off with a blonde John C. Reilly type. Both guys are cretinous and immature, giggling when a lube package pops into the air, and blech-ing when Caz shoots a load of apparently rancid-smelling cum on his chest. "That's gross, Don!" Caz chortles when his own bodily fluid comes out. I bet he stands over the toilet, pointing at his own poo, chuckling with an icky face, too. Yep, these are the voters of today.

Perhaps Don should be commissioned with making a time capsule instead of porn, so future races can get an idea of what did us in.

That said, this one's a 'tarded treat, and real as it gets.

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

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