Barebacking With Jeff Palmer: Volume 3:
Gang Fucked

Barebacking With Jeff Palmer, volume 3: Gang Fucked cover

Barebacking With Jeff Palmer, volume 3: Gang Fucked rear cover

Jeff Palmer (Jeff Palmer)
62 minutes

SX Video

Directed by Ben Baird

Starring: Jeff Palmer, Vic Stone, Flex Deon Blake, Manchester, Reese Coleman, Chris Neal, Jasper Collins, Brian Le, KamRun, Adonis Steele, Aushar, Ricky Vasquez, Gino Gultier, Richard Bangs

"THIRTEEN is the lucky number of horny hounds that slam it to porn legend Jeff Palmer in this fucktacular gang bang!"

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Jeff Palmer is up to his old tricks again in this non-stop barrage of hot bareback ass plowing and face fucking.

There's nothing that Jeff likes more than fat dicks and hot loads. The more the merrier. Up his ass, in his mouth - it doesn't matter. In this third installment of his ongoing series with SX Video, Jeff gives a new meaning to the word gangfucked as he takes on three different groups of guys throughout the course of one day.

You like white guys? No problem. Jeff gets pounded by 4 of them including Vic Stone and hot new-comer Manchester. They all unload on Jeff's face and he does his best not to let one drop go to waste. Way to go Jeff!

You wanna see super-hung and hot black men fuck Jeff silly? Ok. Flex Deon Blake loves Jeff's tight hole and he shows 3 other super hung brothas just how to work that ass right. Most of them drop their hot loads right in Jeff's ass as he cries with utter delight and all the enthusiasm that we have come to expect from him.

And if brown boys are your thing - well just hold tight and jerk it right as Jeff really takes a good pounding from 4 latinos and 1 hot young asian stud. These guys were the last to get a piece of Jeff's hole and it seems as if they're a bit upset as they really drill it hard for all that sweet man-oil that's been deposited throughout the day.

In Jeff's very own words, "I'm a focking slot."

Yes you are Jeff, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

The disc also includes about 30 minutes of extensive previews of other SX Video titles.

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