Cum Drops

Cum Drops cover

120 minutes

Defiant Productions

Directed by Joe Serna

Starring: T.J. Cummings, Cory Woodall, Christian Wilde, Gabriel Turner, Luke Daniels, Zack Perry, Woody Steel

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From the liner notes:

A collection of fresh-faced and horny young dudes take care of business, and in the process they drop copious amounts of cum! From up on high or closer to ground zero these squirting studs manage to send their payloads to the designated target. Just to be safe grab an umbrella, a raincoat and some galoshes so you’ll be ready when the Cum Drops!
Cum Drops scene

Caught jerking off in the garage Woody puts on a good show. He works his cock and strokes it hard until he drops a load on the floor.

Cum Drops scene

Up in the rafters of the garage Cory strips down and begins wanking. It doesn’t take too long for a massive drop of cum to hit the floor below.

Cum Drops scene

Zack is naked in the bedroom jerking his big dick to a porno. After a serious wank session Zack makes quite a drop on his bedcover.

Cum Drops scene

A porn flick plays as Luke strokes off in the garage. He works the length of his cock until he drops a big wet one on the floor.

Cum Drops scene
After unzipping his jeans Gabriel pulls out his cock and pulls the monster hard. A determined hand, a little lube and some warm spittle help him drop a ginourmous load.

Cum Drops scene

We catch TJ jerking off in the garage loft and after he squeezes and pulls on his cock for a while he drops a wet load to the floor below.

Cum Drops scene

Christian whips out his huge cock as he watches some porn. He’s dead serious about busting a nut and soon globs of cum drop to the waiting floor.

TJ & Cory:
Cum Drops scene

Cory joins TJ already in progress. They jerk their cocks until its time to drop -- Cory goes first then TJ follows with another wet load.
Cum Drops rear cover

So there you have it...

Seven hot guys cumming down on you! Open your mouth and prepare to get drenched!

DVD Features: Digitally mastered; Chapter selection; 4:3 Full-Frame format; English Dolby Digital 2.0; Cumshot compilation; No regional coding.

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