Lukas In Love, Part 2

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Lukas In Love promo

Lukas In Love promo

124 minutes + bonus material

2 disc set!

Bel Ami

Directed by George Duroy

Starring: Lukas Ridgeston, Tommy Hansen, and Matt Phillipe

Also Featuring: Sebastian Bonnet, Yves Carradine, Sascha Chaykin, Ethan Clarke, Josh Elliot, Rick Fontana, Tim Hamilton, Brandon Manilow, Danny Saradon, Marc Vidal, Mark Aubrey, Jason Paradis, Liam Phoenix

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Review by Bo Champion (ManNet):

Bel Ami's director of cinematography Marty Stevens is taking the stills of Sascha Chaykin while Lukas assists. A lithe, gymnast-built beauty whose soft sandy brown hair frames his face like a Grecian coin, Sascha has obviously captivated Lukas, who is captured by the camera virtually transfixed. With pouty lips, near pug nose, a great bush of crotch hair and a cock to die for when it is at rest, Sascha moves and grooves gently for the camera until Marty finishes and leaves Lukas to pack up. What Lukas does, instead, is watch as his and Sascha's cocks move up. They slip into the bedroom where there is no foreplay, just a drop by Sascha to his knees. In a remarkably edited scene featuring long and close shots, Sascha whips Lukas' cock into a quick orgasm, generating a stream of cum that shoots straight into the kneeling model's open mouth, the first time on screen that Lukas has fed anyone his load, I believe. Sascha licks the cum, cleans the cock, and then Lukas tells him to clean up and then they'll finish. First, of course, Sascha has to get off so we get a solo of him on the bed jerking off and cumming.

In the shower steam Sebastian Bonnet is soaping up, showing us his splendid body, cock and ass, when Sascha walks in. Having already sucked off the Bel Ami superstar, Sascha is now presented with the opportunity of taking care of the superstar-in-waiting. Here, however, Sascha takes a different tack. In a languid, loving water streaming sequence, he and Sebastian soap up, frottage, lick, nibble, cuddle and kiss before Sascha descends to his knees to do what he has already done so well with Lukas. Stimulated and captivated, Sebastian steers Sascha out of the shower, towels him off, gets down on his knees and gobbles his fat, down-turned boner, eliciting a splurge of spooge onto Sebastian's chest. Ready for more, Sebastian licks Sascha's hole and begins a fuck session that takes them around the bathroom into several positions, ending with a sit-fuck that brings a stream of cum from Sebastian.

And then, Lukas walks in. After mutual pouting - Lukas says Sebastian always steals the cuties, Sebastian tells Sascha if he knows that he shouldn't be jealous, and besides, he was "just stretching" him - Sebastian and Sascha move into the bedroom where the sulking Lukas is waiting on the divan. As Sascha bends over to kiss Lukas, Sebastian kneels to give his pal, "Lukie," a sensuous blowjob - when was the last time you saw these two get it on? Licking the head, nipping the foreskin, deep-throating and wallowing in crotch scent, Sebastian looks like he has done this with his pal plenty of times. Grateful that he might be, Lukas has come for one thing, Sascha's ass, and he plows him doggy as Sebastian stuffs his mouth with cock, cumming simultaneously and then kissing.

The next photo session is all the naked models around the pool, including newcomers who will shortly be introduced in compromising positions. After lots of splashing, Lukas goes off to his room to clean up and go down to the steam room. When he walks in he is presented with an orgy on a platter - and he cannot resist. This scene has been done before by Bel Ami, with and without Lukas, so aficionados will either love it or hate it. Lukas kisses Brandon Manilow, fondles an ass or two, and works his way toward Sebastian, who is sucking off Mark Aubrey. Here he finds rubber-faced Liam Phoenix, whom he kisses before moving toward Yves Carradine. After that, I almost lost track, but some of the highlights include Marc Vidal sucking and fucking Sascha, Brandon fucking Tommy Hansen, Sebastian scissor-fucking Yves, Mark doggy-fucking Jason Paradis who is prone kissing Josh Elliot, Rick Fontana doggy-fucking Ethan Clark, who is kissing Liam Phoenix, who's being pounded missionary by Lukas. Lots of cum flies in the end.

Finally, Lukas gets his chance to star in a photoshoot, and his partner is the stunning wide-eyed Matt Phillipe, a frosted clone of both the actor who bears the same last name (Ryan Phillippe) and Sebastian Bonnet. They are shot in Speedos, and then repair to the bedroom. Here Lukas takes charge, showing off his cocksucking talents to the max, close-ups unsparing in his adoration down to the spittle. Matt looks lost here, almost as if he's not quite sure he can live up to the expectations of the great Lukas Ridgeston. He gives loving head, which elicits a superior cum blast from Lukas, but really doesn't begin to come to life until Lukas starts to play with his pucker. First his thumb, then forefinger, work up Matt's hole, and then we get a penetration-fuck sequence which gives us some clues here. It might be the script or the acting, but the impression is that Matt is not used to being a bottom. The insertion is very gentle, but once firmed up, the camera focuses on Matt's pink-cheeked face, which offers us pain, surprise, pleasure and ecstasy in a sequence that is dominated by an overhead scissor-fuck that highlights Matt's expressions keeping rhythm with Lukas' fat cock thrusts until they both cum almost simultaneously.

Has Lukas found his love by the end of the film, or will he go back to Tim? Who cares?! The hope is that he will continue his pursuit of beautiful boys and major cocks for another go-round, because he has become a symbol of stability, longing, love and animal sex that we rarely see in porn.

*** Highly, Highly Recommended ***

DVD features include Interactive Menus; Chapter Index; Jump to Your Favorite Scenes; DVD-ROM Compatible; No Regional Coding for World Wide Playback.

"The Coverboys" Bonus Disc: This special production features solo photo-shoots of all the superb models from "Lukas In Love", and many include spectacular cumshots!

Don't miss it!

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