Out At Last 2: Bon Bons

Out At Last 2: Bon Bons cover

Out At Last 2: Bon Bons rear cover

150 minutes

Bel Ami

George Duroy - Producer/Director

Starring: Sebastian Bonnet, Dano Sulik, Oleg Vronski, Marcel Bouvier, Ales Hanak, Martin Lennox, Pavol Zurek, Justin Marino, Filip Olivier, Mirko Polakov, Paolo Estefan, Sasha Kasparov, Marek Antonov

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From the press notes, courtesy of Bel Ami:

"Produced especially for Bel Ami connoisseurs and collectors who constantly clamor for more of their favorite stars.

Bonbons: Out at Last 2 collects ten never-before-seen episodes intended for Teamplay, Cherries, Lucky Lukas and Flings, as well as some rarities, shot between 1999 and 2001. Preceding each scene, director George Duroy provides text commentary giving a short history of each scene.

No Bel Ami fan's library will be complete without this 2 hour pornographic candy box of erotic visual treats."

Review (uncredited):

This series of DVDs from the best director of gay Euro porn, George Duroy, is aptly titled because each scene included (10 in all) is a delectable, sweet treat. What a shame it would have been to leave these scenes on the cutting room floor or on a dusty shelf somewhere. Even though they don't fit together seamlessly as a total piece of work, they each are better than many other directors can manage with full-length productions.

With 20 studs featured, including some of the best-known names in the genre, like Sebastian Bonnet, Ivan Dudikoff, Dano Sulik, and Marcel Bouvier, this Bonbons release is a nice introduction to the hot young men that are featured in Bel Ami releases.

The pairings, too, are wonderful. The most memorable is the scene between two studs who would later become not only Bel Ami stars, but international porn fantasy machines, Max Orloff and Ales Hanak. Orloff, a.k.a. Pavel Novotny, went on to star in his own vehicle under a different nom de porn (virtually all of these guys have two or more), Jan Dvorak, in The Jan Dvorak Story. Hanak (A.K.A. Jirka Kalvoda), too, has worked for many different directors and studios. It's no wonder these guys ended up being in such demand. Orloff is a tall, smoothly muscular, handsome stud with a huge cock, covered with just the right amount of foreskin. And while Hanak is no equal for Orloff in either the face or dick departments, his lively onscreen presence is thrilling to watch. Their scene, set in a gym, was cut from Teamplay, and in his opening onscreen notes, director Duroy claims it was the first time either of them appeared in a pornproduction. While this may be true, their performance certainly doesn't suffer from their lack of experience. Both studs eagerly suck cock, rim ass, and, when it's time to do the fucking, Orloff takes the dominant position. Hanak, for his part, easily accommodates him, and the two both produce voluminous cum shots during, and at the end of, their scene together.

The DVD starts off with a blockbuster three-way scene with heavy hung, face-of-an-angel Sebastian Bonnet, model handsome Filip Oliver (a.k.a. Roberto Giorgio) and cute brunette stud puppy Ramon Valenti. Originally intended to be a part of Flings, Duroy's notes say that for some unknown reason he never thought it was good enough to be included. Luckily, he does give it to his fans in this DVD, because the scene is actually as hot as anything the director ever committed to film.

The three studs pop immediate erections as they cavort in a huge bathtub, first lathering up, then doing some frottage before the action starts. There's no territory on these gorgeous young men's bodies left unexplored by tongues, hands, or cocks by the time the scene ends. Even as the action moves to a living room sofa, the erections stay massive, the tongues greedy, and the assholes open up for total plundering. At the end, all of the cum shots are big, wet, and messy.

That's the only group scene included -- all of the other scenes are duos. Duroy's excellent notes precede each scene, giving out little tidbits of info about why the scene was dropped, or never used anywhere. Other than Teamplay and Flings, there are scenes cut from Cherries and Lucky Lukas. Another scene with Hanak, from Lucky Lukas was left unfinished, because neither of the studs (the other is blond dreamboat Marek Antonov) could manage to perform with a condom. Still, the oral and orgasm parts of the DVD are great.

As usual, Duroy's fine camerawork, editing, lighting, and attention to technical detail are intact, even in these scenes that were supposed to be cast offs. Interesting side note: Lukas Ridgeston, once the blue-eyed golden boy at Bel Ami, worked as an editor for this collection of shorts. Let's hope he gets back in front of the cameras one day, as he is truly missed by his fans.

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